The Key To Keeping Your Logan Lawn Weed-Free

Weeds that need to be eliminated

Common Types Of Weeds Found In Logan Lawns

There are many types of weeds found around Cache County. Most weeds will go dormant during the cold winter months. Once the temperature starts warming up, it is time to focus on spring lawn care and remove the invasive weeds before they begin to take over your yard. Some of the most common types of weeds on Logan properties include:

  • Japanese knotweed: This weed has a thick, hollow green and purple stem. The dark green leaves are large and flat and usually curl up on the end. The Japanese knotweed can grow up to nine feet tall if left alone; this is a highly invasive weed that can spread out rapidly. 
  • Goats rue: The goats rue weed has a light-green thin stem and can grow to measure around two feet tall. Branching off from the main stem are smaller and thinner branches with tiny white flowers found in clusters at the end. When ingested, this weed is toxic to many grazing animals, such as sheep. 
  • Musk thistle: This type of weed is highly invasive and can quickly take over your yard. It has a tall and thin stem with a single red or purple flower at the top. These flowers can produce and release up to 1,200 seeds at one time, allowing this plant to spread quickly throughout your property. 

Some of the weeds found in Logan have attractive flowers that are nice to look at. However, these weeds can quickly spread throughout your yard, causing harm to the other types of vegetation in your yard. If you see any plant that can rapidly spread throughout your property, contact a professional lawn care specialist to ensure it is not a noxious weed. 

How Weeds Choke The Life Out Of Your Lawn

Some weeds have a long and elaborate root system that can spread out under the soil and steal water and other nutrients from the plants and various types of vegetation nearby. They can also grow tall and tower over your other plants, creating shade and robbing them of much-needed sunshine.  

Many times, weeds will come into your yard by accident. Strong winds can blow nearby seeds into your yard, which could cause your lawn to become invaded by an invasive weed species.  If you notice any plants or flowers that look like they don't belong in your yard, you should call a lawn care service near you to determine if you have a harmful type of weed growing in your yard.

Pulling Weeds By Hand Can Be Stressful And Time-Consuming

Once a weed has started growing in your yard, it won't take long to spread. If you pick out each weed by hand, it could take you several hours. And if you accidentally break the weed off at the stem, the weed could continue to grow and spread. The best way to permanently get rid of weeds in your yard is to work with an experienced Logan lawn care company. 

The Hassle-Free Way To A Weed-Free Lawn

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