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How To Keep The Logan Weeds At Bay The Easy Way

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As leading professionals in landscaping in Logan, UT, our specialists deliver weed treatment services for lawns and garden areas. The team with Green Leaf Landscaping uses a comprehensive scope of products and treatment options, allowing for custom-tailored lawn services for homes and commercial properties based specifically on each customer’s needs. 

What Causes Weeds To Grow?

Weeds grow in volatile exterior environments influenced by the type of soil, an abundance or lack of water and regular sunlight, and the presence of other competing plants. Soil or grass that lack nutrients are potentially more susceptible to aggressive weeds.

Some annual weeds, including bluegrass and crabgrass, will return every year when the area remains untreated. Grassy annual weeds often exist in lawns that individuals mow too closely. Keep in mind that even lawns treated properly may develop weeds. Maintaining healthy grass will limit the development of weeds, and it is critical to take measures to kill weeds before they spread as well.

The Most Common Weeds To Grow In Logan And How To Treat Them

Summer annual weeds originate from seeds and flourish during the warmest months of the year such as growing crabgrass, knotweed, and spurge.  Winter annuals usually appear during the beginning of fall and will survive the winter, including chickweed, blue mustard, and shepherd’s purse. Noxious weeds also appear throughout Utah, which are well-known for being undesirable and require treatment. Among the noxious weeds in the region include field bindweed, hoary cress, Johnson grass, and types of knapweeds.

The best treatment options vary based on the specific type of weed. For example, organic options include mulch, weed barriers, and improving the overall health of the grass. Manual or mechanical methods may consist of removal (pulling) weeds by hand or tillage.

Pre-emergent herbicides also produce effective results. Many pre-emergent options are granular formulas that are applied with water and form a chemical resistance against weeds that lasts for a defined period. Pre-emergent products are popular for the control of annual weeds. 

Five Tips For Weed Control

Effectively controlling the growth of weeds typically results from following a variety of best practices such as: 

  1. Before planting new grass, have a professional prepare and test the soil. This increases the likelihood that the grass will rapidly emerge and face fewer competing weeds.
  2. Consider mixing compost in with the soil before seeding, which creates a balance that supports helpful microorganisms, aids with drainage, and boosts the level of nutrients. 
  3. Keep the blades of the lawnmower sharp, as duller blades may weaken the turf.
  4. When mowing the lawn, use alternate cutting “patterns.”
  5. Properly manage irrigation by using watering practices that consider variables, including the type of soil, outdoor temperature, and recent rainfall.

Property owners must consistently observe the conditions, which will allow for responding quickly when weeds begin invading. Having a knowledgeable lawn care professional regularly assess the conditions generally ensures positive results.

Experts In Logan Can Help With Weed Control

Green Leaf Landscaping provides the best lawn weed control services and lawn fertilizer services in this region. Since 1996, our experts have generated positive results for Utah property owners who appreciate that we also maintain a commitment to high-quality customer service. Please contact our team for services, including landscape design, exterior lighting, installation of sod, and many other professional options. 

Why Choose Green Leaf Landscaping?

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