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FAQs About Applying Starter Fertilizer To Your Lawn In Logan

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The fertilizer product ratio is often expressed numerically and translates to a percentage of each ingredient. For example, a 15-10-10 might signify a product formulation with 15% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium.  

Nitrogen is critical for sustained growth and ensures a greener coloration. Phosphorous generally promotes the development of hearty roots within the soil. Potassium is an ingredient known for reducing the likelihood of disease and protecting the grass during periods of drought.  

Is there a local lawn fertilizer service near me? Green Leaf Landscaping has many years of experience providing landscaping in Logan. As experts in both residential and commercial lawn care services, we maintain the highest-quality tools and equipment.

How To Care For Your Lawn In The Spring 

As the name implies, you should apply starter fertilizers before laying sod or planting seed. The proper amount of fertilizer for a successful application varies based on the nature of the soil involved. Keep in mind that most high-quality compost often mixes in soil that contains sufficient levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, which can reduce the need for starter fertilizer. Starter fertilizer may pose some environmental concerns, particularly when you cannot sufficiently control runoff. The risks largely stem from the potential environmental hazards that nitrogen and phosphorus may represent. 

 How To Apply Lawn Seed And Fertilizer Together 

Experts often apply starter fertilizer simultaneously as grass seed to maintain nutrients and allow strong development of roots with phosphorous. While recommended product applications might vary, the application of fertilizer generally occurs before the seed. Many often deploy a drop spreader for the application of fertilizer after properly calibrating the tool based on a ratio of pounds per square foot. 

The spreader is typically moved systematically in rows to ensure the fertilizer evenly covers the area. Using a rake or similar tool will mix the materials into the soil. Grass seed also will generally be spread using a similar process followed by a layer of topsoil. 

Setting A Lawn Fertilizer Schedule For Your Yard  

The manufacturers of varying fertilizer formulas usually develop the proper timing or schedule for applications. The following sequence outlines a typical four-phase lawn fertilization schedule:  

  • During the spring, efforts often involve the prevention of crabgrass, as this may effectively limit summertime growth. 
  • In early summer, a fertilizer application occurs containing an herbicide.
  • Amid the warmest summer months, often an application is scheduled using a formula containing ingredients that limit the damaging effects of heat and insects. 
  • Certain fertilization schedules encourage a follow-up application in the fall used for boosting development in the upcoming spring.  

Many formulas have a “slow-release” design that offers prolonged feeding; however, heavy rains might pose risks for washing away substantial amounts of the product.   

Take The Hassle Out Of Fertilizing And Leave It To The Pros 

Is there a team of professionals that provides lawn restoration services in Logan and the surrounding area? Yes. The specialists with Green Leaf Landscaping have been delivering results for customers in this region for more than 25 years.

Green Leaf Landscaping offers professional lawn management services that are both safe and effective. We recognize the importance of operating in an eco-friendly manner that protects the local environment we share. Contact our team today to schedule a property assessment. 

Why Choose Green Leaf Landscaping?

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