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snow covered homes with a long driveway up a hill

Jan 15, 2024

Is Professional Snow Removal A Necessity In Brigham City?

While freshly fallen snow can be a beautiful sight to behold, it can also create dangerous situations if it accumulates quickly. Read More

houses with mountains in the background

Dec 15, 2023

Winter Lawn Care Tips For Logan Homeowners

Keep your Logan lawn lush this winter. Discover tips for healthy grass even in the cold; this guide is perfect for every Logan homeowner. Read More

fall leaves being cleaned up on a lawn

Nov 15, 2023

Get Your Yard Ready For Autumn: Expert Fall Lawn Cleanup Services In Brigham City

Using Green Leaf Landscaping's professional fall lawn treatments and cleanup services can take the worry out of lawn care. Read More

fertilizer spreader

Oct 15, 2023

How Fertilization Keeps Logan Lawns Healthy

Is your Logan grass receiving the necessary nutrients? Learn how Green Leaf Landscaping fertilization treatments can improve the health of your lawn. Read More

manicured yard and landscaping

Sep 15, 2023

How Professional Landscaping Beautifies Brigham City Homes

Are you a property owner who is dissatisfied with the appearance of your lawn and garden areas? Contact a landscaping professional today for assistance. Read More

japanese knotweed plant

Aug 15, 2023

The Key To Keeping Your Logan Lawn Weed-Free

Are weeds making your yard look dull and drab? Discover the key to keeping your lawn weed-free. Read More

freshly mowed lawn with manicured trees

Jul 15, 2023

Benefits Of Professional Tree Pruning For Logan Homes

Learn how pruning trees in your Logan yard keeps them healthy, tips to protect your trees, and the benefits of professional pruning with Green Leaf Landsca... Read More

water hitting ground

Jun 15, 2023

How Professional Irrigation Installation Can Keep Logan Homes Green

Learn how to keep your lawn and garden lush and healthy with professional irrigation installation services in Logan. Contact Green Leaf Landscaping today. Read More

trimmed hedge outside commercial building

May 15, 2023

The Benefits Of Professional Landscaping For Your Brigham City Business

Transform your business's outdoor space with professional landscaping. Enhance its appearance, attract customers, and save time and money with our services... Read More

clover weeds growing in lawn

Apr 15, 2023

Pre-Emergent Herbicides: When And How To Apply Them To Your Logan Lawn

Want to stop weeds in their tracks? Learn when and how to use pre-emergent herbicides. Read More

lawn spreader applying fertilizer

Mar 15, 2023

Fertilization Tips For Brigham City Lawns

Is your yard looking a little sluggish? Discover the best fertilization tip for your lawn. Read More

a backyard view of a beautiful lawn in brigham city utah

Feb 15, 2023

How Important Is Regular Lawn Mowing In Brigham City?

Are you wondering how often your lawn needs to be mowed? Learn about the details and benefits of regular lawn mowing with Green Leaf Landscaping! Read More



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